Searcher Behavior – How Users Search For Local Businesses

15 Dec

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Searcher Behavior How Users Search For Local Businesses

A very important question concerning SEO strategy is how much should we focus on search key-phrases and terms that include a local term (e.g. town name, ZIP code) vs. more generic keywords without the local term? From the point of view of local search optimization, it’s absolutely essential for businesses to include local terms or “Geo-modifiers” in their website content and link building activities. Google and other search engines need to know where you’re located and which areas you want to serve in order to return your business as a search result for a relevant, local search.

More Specifically, The question we want the address about searcher behavior is: Do searchers or local consumers look for local businesses and use local modifiers such as town name and zip code?

Definitely! Searchers do expect Google to return local results based on their location, and to a large extent they do search using city names and zip codes. Therefor a well-rounded local SEO campaign should utilize both city name and ZIP code, but prioritize your SEO strategy for town names and city names first and then for ZIP codes.

People expect “localization” in “search engine behavior” to increase. So the optimal optimization strategy should ensure that they reach both town-name searchers and ZIP-code searchers. And for those with the budget and time, even go down to neighborhood and street level.

Tip! Enhance your Google Places listing and put your best photo front and center. To stand out in local listings, choose an eye-catching photo as your main profile image.

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