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How to Custom Order Your WordPress Categories

20 Aug

Organize your blog and product categories the way you like. By default WordPress organizes the categories in the admin section, as well as all the other taxonomies, by the Ids created when the specific taxonomy was generated. As the site grows categories and other taxonomy terms may get kind of messy. If you manege a […]

How to change the default black color in wordpress twenty fourteen

13 Dec

Copy this code and paste in the child theme style.css .site:before { background-color: #D7DEF0; } .site-header { background-color: #D7DEF0; } .site-footer { background-color: #D7DEF0; } And of course pick your own color code #….  

Searcher Behavior – How Users Search For Local Businesses

15 Dec

Searcher Behavior – How Users Search For Local Businesses A very important question concerning SEO strategy is how much should we focus on search key-phrases and terms that include a local term (e.g. town name, ZIP code) vs. more generic keywords without the local term? From the point of view of local search optimization, it’s […]