Apply these tips and techniques to boost your company’s SEO results

13 Nov

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Smart entrepreneurs know that search engine optimization is a necessary part of the marketing toolkit in this digital age. Instead of letting your Google rank get you down, apply these tips and techniques to boost your company’s SEO results.

  • Create Content That is Useful Forever

If you want your content to make it to the top slots for various keywords and phrases, you’ll want to have top-quality content. The best way to make sure your content is seen this way is to create content that is forever useful and authoritative, content that is not disposable. Create content that people will be reading 30 years from now, and you’ll be getting back-links for years to came.

  • Optimize Your Online Profiles

Log-in to your company’s online profiles. Make sure the biography is descriptive and up to date. More importantly, is your website’s URL listed on your profile’s pages? If not, find where you can add the URL, add it and then click it to make sure the link if working well. You’ll be surprised what it can do if you have more than a handful of accounts online with good and interesting content in terms of Google ranking.

  • Think Like Your Customer

What your ideal clients be typing into Google? Than look keywords up in Google’s free Keyword Tool to see if you are right. Chose the popular keywords with low competition if you can. Then write content around these keywords and learn to optimize.

  • Guest Post

Blogs love unique and fresh content. Start guest posting on relevant blogs. It’s a great way to build links, which will boost your rankings on Google.

  • The King and Queen Of SEO

Good content is very important to make your business rank higher in Google, and links are even more important. Google loves links and uses links like a road map to find its way on the web. Submit your site to any relevant directories and join websites and blogs where you can have a link back to your website. This will grow your back-links repertoire.

  • Video SEO

Video is a huge marketing tool for business owners. It give your company personality and can be spread across networks while linking back to your site. Create videos rich with information people can share and then repeat.

  • Backlinks From Colleges and Universities

A big SEO secret is that when .edu sites link to your website it gives you a higher Google ranking. Try to contact universities and have them link to your site.

  • Add New Info To Your Site Frequently

The rule is that the more often you update your site, the more important search engines thinks it is. Publish content to your site every day and Google will start to recognize you as a great source of information for whatever your keywords and key phrases are.

  • Take Advantage of Local Search

For a local business its great to claim your listing on Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other listing sites. You will see a huge jump in traffic for your businesses by simply claiming and filling out all the fields on these local profiles.

By WebMaster Galactica


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